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Turkey Burgers

Turkey Burgers

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Premium Turkey Burger Patties from Juicy Turkey Thighs.

Our Turkey Burger Patties are made from the trimmings that are derived from our cuts of Premium Turkey Thighs, which are sourced from trusted growers that meet our particular specifications for taste and tenderness. These trimmings are ground by our expert butchers and formed into 8oz burger patties; flash frozen and individually vacuum-sealed.

No additional ingredients. Pure, unadulterated Turkey Thigh meat formed into an 8oz patty. A protein-rich alternative to the classic beef burger.


- Made from Ground Turkey Thighs
- Pre-Portioned: 8oz each
- Available in Packages of 6, 12, and 18
- Individually Vacuum-Sealed
- Flash Frozen Immediately After Cutting to Preserve Flavor and Freshness

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