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Steak Lover's Bundle

Steak Lover's Bundle

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Love Steak? Don't miss out on this bundle!

We've mixed together old classics and new favorites to impress even the most discerning steak lover. Featuring USDA Prime Grade Steaks, Aged a Minimum of 28 Days - These steaks are remarkably tender, juicy, and packed with delicious flavor. We've also included some Skirt Steaks to finish off this amazing bundle.

Included are 16 Premium Steaks: 4 different cuts of meat, over 10lbs of steak.

Treat yourself, you deserve it.  


Quantity Item Size
4x USDA Prime Wet-Aged Boneless Ribeye Steaks 16oz each
4x USDA Prime Wet-Aged Center-Cut NY Strip Steaks 15oz each
4x USDA Prime Wet-Aged Filet Mignon 8oz each
4x Skirt Steaks 8oz each
Total: 11.75lbs

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