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Sausage Lovers Bundle

Sausage Lovers Bundle

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Calling All Sausage Lovers - This is the Bundle for you!

 All of our Best-Selling Italian Sausage combined into one bundle. Feed your sweet, spicy, and cheesy sides!

Sweet Italian Sausage packed with traditional flavor, Hot Italian Sausage with just the right amount of spice, and Cheese Ring Sausage ground with aged Provolone Cheese and Parsley to top it all off!

With almost 20lbs of sausage, this bundle is great for large gatherings, but easy to store in the freezer to use whenever that Italian Sausage craving hits! 

Hand-Cut, Pre-Portioned, Flash Frozen, & Individually Vacuum-Sealed.


Quantity  Item Size
6x Sweet Italian Sausage 1lb package
6x Hot Italian Sausage 1lb package
6x Cheese Ring Sausage 1lb each
Total: 18lbs

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