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Honey BBQ Marinated Chicken Cutlets

Honey BBQ Marinated Chicken Cutlets

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Best-Selling, Extra-Tender Boneless Chicken Cutlets Marinated in Our Original Honey BBQ Sauce.

Boneless Chicken Breasts, which are sourced from trusted growers that meet our particular specifications for taste & tenderness, are Hand-Cut by our expert butchers to 4oz portions & completely trimmed & cleaned. These Boneless Chicken Breasts are then marinated in our Original Honey BBQ Sauce, flash-frozen, and individually vacuum-sealed. 



- Hand-Cut from 100% White Meat Chicken Breast
- Completely Trimmed and Cleaned 
- Pre-Portioned: 4oz each
- Available in Packages of 510, and 15
- Individually Vacuum-Sealed
- Flash Frozen Immediately After Cutting to Preserve Flavor and Freshness

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