Why Berk Lombardo Vacuum Seals & Flash Freezes Their Products

Why Berk Lombardo Vacuum Seals & Flash Freezes Their Products


If you’ve browsed our site, you’ll often see that all of our products are individually vacuum-sealed and “flash” frozen. But why do we do this? Why is this important?

Well, there are a number of reasons, but the ones that benefit you the most are listed below:


When your food arrives, it can be placed directly into the freezer. There is nothing more that you have to do.

If you order from Berk Lombardo, each item was trimmed to the point of being “ready to cook” before it was packaged, so you can open your delivery and put the items right into the freezer. They’ll be ready to go when you are.


You can take only what you intend to cook out of the freezer. If you just need two steaks tonight, that’s all that you’ll have to grab. Plus, you can accommodate a surprise guest by simply grabbing one more steak. There is no need to defrost that humongous bulk package you bought for savings; you can cook just what you need and maintain the freshness of what you don’t use. Nothing gets wasted.


Each item is not just individually wrapped, it is vacuum-sealed. This extends the shelf life of the product. In fact, if kept frozen, your food will remain “fresh” for up to one year from the time that you receive it.


Everybody likes to have their food look appetizing, so our products are placed in a blast freezer within moments of being cut. This freezer operates at 25 degrees BELOW ZERO and will freeze a steak solid within 20 minutes.

This quick freezing not only prevents the growth of any harmful pathogens, but it also preserves the fresh-cut color of the meat. The vacuum sealing then locks that color in and keeps pathogens out. Your food will always look like it was cut the same day that you are cooking it. No more brown chunks of freezer-burned meat.


Because each item is individually vacuum-sealed, you do not have to handle the raw meat when you receive your delivery. This means that you do not have to cut up your meat and have any of the juices covering your countertop, minimizing your exposure to raw meat pathogens and keeping your kitchen clean.

Also, the food can be defrosted in its original packaging. This means that you can move it from the freezer directly to the refrigerator to defrost and not create a mess.

The only time that you have to touch the meat is when you open the package to cook it, and that can be done right at the grill. Just open the package, put the meat on the grill, and discard the package.

Bon Appétit!

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